Domestic Cut Offs (7" x 7" x 7")

Looking for a wide variety of domestic species all in one box? THIS is your box! What a great way to sample domestic woods without spending more than you have to on larger pieces! This box is a mixture of sizes and species that are mostly clean but may contain some minor checking, irregular sizes or rough exterior. Most items in this box are dry and ready to use; some pieces may contain residual moisture. These cut offs are great for making boxes, pens, intarsia, jewelry, and so much more. Species may include: Maple, Myrtle, Claro Walnut. Alder, Elm, Box Elder, Cherry, Hickory. Size ranges: 2 to 6" long x 3/4" to 5" wide x 1/8" to 3" thick.

Please note: The items comes in a 7”x7”x 7” box that weighs approximately 4-5 lbs.
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